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Our Mission:

To equip recent college graduates to know God deeply, develop as leaders in Christ, and impact our world by advancing God's Kingdom.


Equipping Fellows with tools to reach their full potential.


Developing Fellows growing and becoming fully alive in Christ, revealing Him through their vocation and life.


Learning to impact their world by releasing their God-given giftedness, and making a difference.

The Gate City:

That's not just a nickname - it's our DNA. 


Home to just under 300,000 people, Greensboro has the heart of a city twice its size. You'll find thousands of refugees and immigrants living here, active social justice warriors, a tight-knit faith community, big-city amenities and small-town charm.


You'll take part in a thriving business community full of entrepreneurs and dreamers - people doing big things to make a big difference. 


And making a difference is what we're all about: The tide of the Revolutionary War turned here. The Civil Rights Movement catalyzed here. Industry thrives here, and, as you'll see, God is moving here. 

Meet the Team:

Dodd Drake

Dodd serves as the Director, alongside his wife of 30 years, Becky. They have three children, 26, 24, and 22. He graduated from Texas A&M and Dallas Seminary. He was on staff with Cru for 18 years (campus ministry), an Associate Pastor for 6 years, and a Church Planter/Sr. Pastor for 9. He has served at Church of the Redeemer for 5 years, and loves his church family. Dodd has enjoyed shepherding, developing and equipping spiritual leaders for the past 35 years. 

Becky Drake

Becky loves working with the Greensboro Fellows! She grew up in Eastern North Carolina and earned a degree at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. She has served on staff with CRU in South Carolina, Texas, California, Japan and North Carolina. Becky has also worked as an event manager/planner/coordinator in Western North Carolina. Through each of these various positions, God has uniquely equipped her for this role as Associate Director.

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Assistant Director
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The Experience

The Greensboro Fellows is an intensive 9-month spiritual and professional development program for recent college graduates. 

Tuition is $6,500 and includes the various experiences below.


We grow best in caring, Christ-centered relationships. God designed us to live and thrive and reflect Him in community. Community is core to learning who we are, and learning how to love and build each other up in Christ. We experience deep community with the Fellows, but also in our host homes and our church. 


We connect you with seasoned mentors, matching you according to the qualities you are looking for in a mentor. Having an older and wiser shepherd come alongside you for your growth and well being is one of the essential elements of our program. You will meet with your mentor weekly or bi-weekly to help you grow and flourish spiritually and professionally.

Spiritual Formation

We pursue God together, knowing He created us for intimacy with Him. We cultivate a new way of being, living in union with Christ through Spiritual Disciplines. We take time to slow down, be attentive to His Presence, listen for His voice who calls us His Beloved, and be made new. 


Learning under professors and pastors by taking classes on The Life of Christ, Survey of the Bible, Theology, and Ethics. Our goal is know God deeply, be transformed into His image, and be equipped to be a change agent for the Kingdom of God. 


We launch you into your career in a variety of ways. We develop you professionally and guide you in discerning God’s call on your life. One way is through a paid job fitting your interests. Greensboro has a thriving nonprofit sector (including working with adults with disabilities) and one of the nation's highest concentrations of nonprofit organizations per capita. We also have a wide variety of jobs to offer in education, medical, business, marketing, technology, missions, and ministry. 


We volunteer together in a variety of places for the welling being of our world. We serve monthly at Capernaum Young Life (ministry to teenagers with disabilities), New Garden Farm (sustainable, regenerative farm on church property), and our church home. Each Fellow also chooses a non-profit or ministry of their choice to lead the Fellows to accomplish a needed project. We learn to love the city where God places us, and serve for the well being on our community. 


We are a part of Church of the Redeemer in Greensboro. Redeemer is a growing, Christ-centered, missions-minded, Biblically-faithful, relationally healthy church. One of our staff is the winner of the 2019 Christian Book award. Another of our staff serves on national leadership for our denomination. Being under the wing of our church, Fellows are welcomed and love well by our church family! (http://www.redeemergso.org) 

Leadership Development

We are committed to giving you the tools and training to help you become the leader God has uniquely created you to be. We partner with organizations such as The Center for Creative Leadership, ranked #2 in the world for leadership development. You will also have opportunities to lead the Fellows, and at work. 

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2018-2019 Greensboro Fellows

Esther Leaming

Ewing, NJ

Rutgers University

Hope Writers

Philip Bransford

Boone, NC

University of NC Greensboro

Panera Bread

Olivia Ruck

Peachtree, GA

Berry College 

Out of the Garden

Molly Dorshimer

Jenkintown, PA

University of Pennsylvania

Cone Hospital

Janie Dale

Hickory, NC

Appalachian State University

Reverence Farms

Jeremy Kipper

Seattle, WA

Multnomah University


2019-2020 Greensboro Fellows

Events and Excursions:

Orientation Retreat
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
All-Fellows Fall Retreat
Oxford, NC
Life map retreat 2018
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
All-Fellows Spring Retreat
Washington, DC
International Mission
Rwanda, East Africa
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A Week in the Life:


9 to 12 PM                    

Worship and Serve with Local Church


8:30 to 11:45 AM              

Bible and Theology Classes

12:30 to 1:30 PM          

Community Leaders share their journey in their faith and career


Family Dinner


8 to 5 PM                



8 to 5 PM              


7 to 9 PM

Spiritual Formation Small Group


8 to 5 PM                



Free Time, Occasional Group Volunteering

Once a Month: Leadership Development half days


Free Time

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Marketplace Partnerships:

And many more!



New Garden Farm

Church of the Redeemer has a thriving regenerative, sustainable farm. We have turned a graveled, barren land into a fruitful garden.  You will learn from our Farm Director, Lena Van Wyk (Mdiv. Duke Divinity) a biblical theology of God's care for His good creation. Together  we seek to be wise stewards of God's earth by volunteering once a month at the farm. Read more at http://www.ngpfarm.org

Serving teens and adults with intellectual & physical disabilities

We serve teens and adults with disabilities in a variety of ways: From jobs, to volunteering (Capernaum Young Life), to being with the Drake's son (autistic), to learning under Dr. Benjamin Wall (PhD in theology and disabilities), we experience the heart of Christ for people frequently neglected. 

East African Congregation

Our church family is incredibly blessed by our East African brothers and sisters. Many of these families came to Greensboro as refugees and immigrants, and have modeled for us love, faithfulness and maturity in Christ. 


Trip to Rwanda  

The Fellows travel for ten days to Karangazi, Rwanda to visit our church's sister parish. For many Fellows, this is a highlight of our program. Meeting and worshiping with our loving brothers and sisters in Christ, playing with the children at the Compassion International orphanage, helping with a Pastors Conference, and serving needs in the community, all help you see God at work across the globe. 


Greensboro has a signifanct number of non-profits where many of our Fellows have worked or volunteered. We have many opporunities to work with adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.   

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

CCL headquarters is in Greensboro. They are ranked #2 in the world for Leadership Development.  We partner with CCL and others, to equip Fellows to grow and develop.

Spiritual Formation 

Out of a hunger to grow intimate with Jesus Christ, we practice spiritual disciplines and rhythms together. We meet with national authors and speakers who live local, meet weekly in a spiritual formation group, and have opportunities to meet with spiritual directors.   



We are currently accepting

applications for our 2020-2021 class. 



Click the icon to the right to download a PDF version of the application.


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